The PURPLE method

The PURPLE method

With this newsletter I'm trying to open source as much activist knowledge as I can. To give people a set of sharp tools, so they can hit power where it hurts and create positive change.

I first got involved in activism 14 years ago, having left the private sector to work with NGOs in Brussels. Since then, I've followed a simple method to build and execute every campaign I worked on. I developed it with my partner Roshan at Clearcase, and we called it the Impact Method.

I'm currently revising the method for activist training. And I'm using it to bring together the posts I've written into a framework. The latest version is below.

It's now renamed the 'PURPLE Method' (you'll see why – sort of). It's still missing footnotes, and the graphics might be a bit wobbly. But it's clearer and more ready for prime-time.

So, my fellow activist friend, I have a favour to ask. Does this method work for you? Is anything unclear or missing? Your constructive feedback will help me build this into something that more people could get value from.

Thanks for reading. Now let's get started.

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