Impact method

Impact method

A simple guide to fixing the world, one campaign at a time

This is a method for activism with impact.

I’ve been an activist and political consultant for over ten years. During that time, I’ve worked on close to a hundred campaigns1, and advised causes large and small.

I developed the method below with my partner Roshan at Clearcase. It underpins all the campaigning work I do.

You can use this method to take a stand against corporate misbehaviour in your area, or write a letter to your school board. To lobby a decision-maker, organise a protest, or design a transnational campaign for all of the above.

In fact, you can apply it to pretty much any project where you want to bring about change.

Just follow these steps2. Subscribe below to gain immediate access. There's also an illustration with all the steps included, that you can print for reference.