How can we challenge power and make change happen?

Hi, I'm Mehran Khalili. I’ve worked on over a hundred campaigns as a grassroots organiser, political consultant and corporate comms person. For six years, I've been working with the European political movement DiEM25.

My mission is to give everyday you the tools to challenge power, so you can fix the world. Or at least, so you can give it a damn good shot!

Every week I send out tips, tactics and thoughts in the newsletter on how to be an activist citizen that makes change happen. Sometimes I interview people who have made a difference. And I throw some illustrations at you too, like these.

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A bit about me

British-Iranian, raised in Luxembourg and currently based in Greece.

Co-founded the political consultancy Clearcase with over a decade of client work. Adviser to the Democracy In Europe Movement (DiEM25). I also run community projects and take black-and-white photos.

Previously: management consultant with Andersen. Communications adviser to global tech companies, based in London.

Reach me on Twitter or email.