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Hi👋🏻. I'm Mehran Khalili, a political consultant working remote and currently based in Greece. My work is mainly on how we can do more effective activism. I’m interested in questions like:

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Subvrt Podcast

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A bit about me

I’m British-Iranian, grew up in Luxembourg and currently based in Greece, working remote-first.

For the past 14 years I’ve been advising causes on how to increase their impact. From established organisations like WWF and the UNDP, to citizen media startups and local grassroots projects. The thread throughout my work: how to confront power, and make change happen.

I co-founded the political consultancy Clearcase, advise the Democracy In Europe Movement (DiEM25), and host their fortnightly live debates on YouTube. I also run community projects and do black-and-white photography (all the cover photos for the posts are taken by me, unless otherwise indicated).

Previously I worked for the private sector; as a management consultant with Andersen, and a communications adviser to global tech companies, based in London.

What about you? Reach out via email or Twitter and tell me what you're working on.

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