SUBVRT explores how activist citizens can make change happen

I’ve worked on close to a hundred campaigns, as a grassroots organiser and political consultant. And I’m convinced that with the right practices, we can make a difference.

So on SUBVRT I'm sharing what I've learned about activism so far. To explore why we do it, and how we can improve. To gather tips, tactics and ideas, so we can sharpen our skills together.

I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve made a start. So far I've published a series of posts looking at how we can strengthen our activism. The method for impact that underpins all my campaigns. A series of podcast episodes, interviewing activists who make a difference. And every Tuesday, I’ll share an update.

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A bit about me

British-Iranian, raised in Luxembourg, based in Greece.

I co-founded the consultancy Clearcase and advise the progressive movement DiEM25. I also run grassroots projects and take black and white photos. Formerly, I was management consultant at Andersen, then a communications adviser to global tech companies, based in London.

Reach me via email or on Twitter. See you out there.