Video debates

Video debates

Every two weeks, I host a live YouTube debate with the political movement DiEM25 on YouTube. Featuring Yanis Varoufakis and our crew of activists and thinkers from across Europe, we dissect a political issue of the day, and brainstorm how to respond.

These calls are quite heavy on the issues, but there's usually a lot of discussion on tactics too, which should interest you. Subscribe to DiEM25's YouTube channel to get notified when the next one drops. Or if you prefer audio, subscribe to DiEM25's podcast.

Below are some notable episodes. I'll add to this list whenever we do episodes I think you should see.

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The cost of living crisis

What's causing it, how bad will it get, and how do we fix it?

How to end the war in Ukraine

With Volodymyr Ishchenko, Ukraine expert.

Separating myths from facts on Julian Assange and press freedom

With Renata Avila, member of Julian's legal team.

How can we use art to create political change?

Why isn’t the Left better at winning public opinion?

Ukraine: Propaganda, xenophobia and censorship