Glad you’re here. Season Two of my newsletter concluded on December 6, 2021.

The next edition will be out on Thursday, January 13, 2022. And right now I'm somewhere around here.

Peak of the northern Peloponnese, Greece

My latest piece is on how governments could increase their COVID vaccination rates with smart campaigning. It's published on DiEM25.org and:

A contrarian campaign to vax the planet
The ’strict father’ model isn’t the only way governments can vaccinate against COVID. Here’s a different approach.

In other posts last season, I explored topics like: confronting ideological bias, hacking for media coverage, selling in radical proposals, finding the right skillsets for campaigning, taking better team decisions, being self-critical, moving from outrage to impact, reining in ego, leveraging typography, an interview on fixing climate activism, reaching the working class, and targeting for your cause.

Stay safe, happy holidays, and looking forward to challenging the Establishment with you in 2022. See you on January 13.



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