e08: Should killing nature be a crime?

e08: Should killing nature be a crime?

An interview with JoJo Mehta

Should killing nature be a crime? With JoJo Mehta (Episode 8)

There are growing calls for the crime of "ecocide", meaning mass damage and destruction of ecosystems, to be recognised in international criminal law. This would ensure that individuals, company directors, CEOs, can be prosecuted for the ecological damage caused by the organisations they head up, like oil spills, deforestation, or soil pollution, wherever these organisations may be.

Could this be the missing piece in the broader battle against climate change? Is it workable? And what are the steps to get there? In this interview, done live for DiEM TV in May 2023, I interview Jojo Mehta, executive director and co-founder of Stop Ecocide International, to find out.

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