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e01: The state of digital activism

20 min

A debate with news curator Asteris Masouras on what online activism today is getting right – and how it could improve.

An interview with Asteris Masouras

The state of digital activism, with Asteris Masouras (Episode 1)

With global news curator Asteris Masouras, I debate what online activism is getting right and how it could improve. Among other topics, we discuss: Twitter’s value as a platform for activism, when to call a fascist a fascist, and deplatforming and censorship as political weapons.

Asteris has been curating global breaking news on Twitter since 2007, where he follows stories ranging from the protests of social justice movements worldwide, to mainstream politics and conflicts around the globe. He was included in the Independent’s 2011 list of “The most influential non-celebrity users of Twitter”, and was an editor at Reportedly, a real-time news experiment sponsored by Pierre Omidyar’s First Look Media.

Asteris is also an editor for Global Voices Online, and a co-founder and editor of Global Voices in Greek.

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