e02: Exposing the far-right

e02: Exposing the far-right

An interview with Antonis Bougias

Exposing the far-right, with Antonis Bougias (Episode 2)

What do you do, when your country is holding the biggest trial of a Nazi party since Nuremberg, and the media can’t be trusted to cover it properly?

I spoke to Antonis Bougias, a key person in the Golden Dawn Watch grassroots journalism project in Greece, to find out.

We talk about the rise and fall of Golden Dawn, the project and the media failures that made it necessary, how to measure impact, and the challenge of trying to remain impartial in the face of neo-nazi ideology.

Antonis gives us some great insight into an unconventional but effective digital activism project. The far-right is gaining power across the world, so the story of how he and his colleagues are tackling them in Greece, is increasingly relevant for all of us.

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